In a highly technological and competitive world, corporate executive leadership teams have to be more creative and innovative than ever. Based on the knowledge that human creative thinking is rarely stimulated in a routine environment, the idea of THE KLIVE was born. THE KLIVE is a concept for executive teams, that brings together a technically equipped space, luxury accommodation, and highly qualified coaches in one place to deliver the best experience of an off-site or a strategy retreat. At THE KLIVE not only we insure you get a space for creativity and convenient work, but we also take care of coaching sessions, plans for your teambuilding or leisure activities and meals.

THE KLIVE welcomes also private guests who are seeking a tranquil getaway in Riga - Paris of the North. Attention and care has been placed into all details from beds and pillows, wardrobes, ability to cook, wash clothes, work, sleep, spend leisure time and with the entire space and rooms centralized around a very spacious combined living room, dining room, and open kitchen, so when you need to be together, you are together, and pulling back for relaxation is always an option.

We operate out from a simple principle around treating our guests as we would like to be treated. And that is obviously very well.

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Svetlana Albana

Host & Property manager