At THE KLIVE we partner with highly qualified and experienced coaches and experts.

We offer an opportunity to combine an offsite retreat with a coaching session, workshop, lecture of your interests and/or facilitator for your off-site meeting.

Executive Trainer

Former CEO. 19 years executive trainer and coach. Acting on behalf of specialized consultant companies and networks throughout Europe, typical trainees are CEOs and management teams of medium-sized companies seeking improved internal coherence, agility and opportunity intelligence.

At The Klive Thomas holds his Open courses for international clients and tailored InHouse workshops for Executive Teams.

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Languages: English, German, Swedish

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Executive Coach

12 years of leadership experience from the financial and shared services industries, with a passion for defining strategy, leading change, and cultural and organizational development. Artur has lived and worked in Belarus, Baltic States, Sweden, USA and Singapore, and has broad experience engaging with culturally and geographically diverse teams. Artur is an Executive Coach and Business Trainer, Facilitator in the field of people and team development and President ICF Latvia.

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Languages: English, Russian


Executive Coach

20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources. Elena is an Executive Coach and Lumina Assessment Practitioner and is currently working towards making the best global leadership development programs available to professional organizations in Latvia. She is a Certified Professional Coach holding PCC level accreditation by ICF and Lumina Assessment Practitioner, Member of the Board at International Coach Federation, Latvia.

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Languages: English, Russian

Elena and Arturs 

Partners at "TeamLead" which is a part of the International Coach Federation and Oxford Leadership (

Coaching programs

  • Team coaching and training
  • Executive coaching and training
  • Leadership development
  • Customized solutions
  • The latest program "Self-Managing Leadership"

Serial entrepreneur, speaker & facilitator, startup mentor, User Experience expert, management advisory on digital transformation & innovation. Worked with leading IT, finance, retail, and manufacturing companies in the Baltic region to help them with change management, innovation, and digital transformation initiatives.

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Languages: English, Russian, Latvian.

Jean Mauris

Head of Product at HRMNY Human Technologies

Workshop topics

  • The lean startup methodology (1-2 days ) - How to innovate and apply startup toolbox in corporate culture.
  • Design thinking in practice (1-day ) - Why, how and when to apply DT in business.
  • 5C digital transformation framework (1-2 days) - A crash course designed for the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.
  • Agile for executives (up to 1-day ) - How to use agile methodologies for your business.
  • Pitching and public speaking masterclass (up to 1-day) - How to communicate your ideas.
  • Building intrapreneurship culture (1-2 days) - How to redesign internal culture to foster intrapreneurship.
  • UX (User Experience) workshop (1-2 days) - How to design user-centric products, services, and teams.
  • Time management & productivity masterclass (up to 1-day) - How to get the right things done.


Small lectures of 1-2 h available on the topics above and other topics (do not hesitate to ask if you have a topic in mind you would like to hear about).

If you are interested to combine your off-site retreat with one of our partners' training, workshop or other, let's discuss it together and find the best fitting solution.

Svetlana Albana

Host & Property Manager

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