Did you ever get a good idea in an office or hotel meeting room?

    You probably got it in a shower, running, or in a place where you felt comfortable, relaxed and pleasant. At The Klive we provide that exact atmosphere. a place to feel good, a place to think, and a place where your mind standstill, so your ideas can flow.

    THE KLIVE - the space for your imagination... A 115 Sqm meeting space and a 300sqm place to glue your team together.


    Accommodation is available for up to 7 people. We will be able to provide extra accommodation if required in a very close neighbourhood via partners. Check accommodation at THE KLIVE:

  • Blue Planet suite
  • Presidential suite
  • Moon suite
  • Sputnik suite

    To make your meeting more productive we provide:

    • Blistering fast 500 Mbit internet
    • Large table for up to 10 participants, Lounge area for up to 10 people
    • Digital 4K whiteboard where all content can be shared immediately to all participants
    • 2 wireless projection monitors supporting both MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android
    • Separate working space with an elevation table
    • 4K Video Conference camera
    • 3 Sonos speakers to soothe your mind and soul
    • Coffee, tea, water (included)
    • Food, no problem we got you covered (at additional charge)

    Improve your team spirit:

    • Make dinner together with a professional chef
    • Shoot the f..k out of some pieces of paper with AK47's
    • Sail on the river
    • Commander a MIG jet fighter

    We have it all, just ask


    We partner with highly qualified and experienced coaches on leadership and innovation. We can include coaching sessions of your choice in your stay at an additional cost.


    Svetlana Albana


    @: theklive@hotmail.com